Thursday, August 24, 2006

A break for some veterans

Worth a look, story in Sunday's Tampa Tribune by Karen Branch-Brioso, about property tax exemptions for disabled veterans in Florida.
That kind of tax break is hard to come by for totally disabled homeowners who are not veterans. Only quadriplegics and other totally disabled people who are legally blind or use a wheelchair qualify. And if their household income is more than $22,872 a year - except for quadriplegics - they're out of luck. No matter the size of their families. No matter the severity of their disabilities.

Fascinating stuff. She mentions several veterans who pay no property taxes despite living in million-dollar homes, like Bill Seidle, a World War II Navy veteran and multi-store car dealer, who saves $22,000 on his property tax each year but won't say what his disability is.
On the other hand, the law is a boon to veterans who struggle to keep homes on low incomes.
Great story, and involved some good CAR work. (Via The Scoop.)


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