Thursday, May 25, 2006

Time to believe

The Brookings Institution posts a new briefing paper, Case Closed: The Debate about Global Warming is Over. In it, visiting fellow Gregg Easterbrook says you'll learn this:
First, the consensus of the scientific community has shifted from skepticism to near-unanimous acceptance of the evidence of an artificial greenhouse effect. Second, while artificial climate change may have some beneficial effects, the odds are we're not going to like it. Third, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases may turn out to be much more practical and affordable than currently assumed.

Fulltext of the briefing paper, in PDF, is here.

On this topic, The Guardian says famed television scientist David Attenborough, a past opponent of global warming theories, has changed his mind as a new BBC series, Climate in Chaos, debuts. Some good links on the topic with this story.

And Tennessee Guerrilla Women posts a NYT column by Maureen Doud: Enter Ozone Woman, on Hillary Clinton and her attempt to take up Al Gore's main issue.


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