Thursday, May 25, 2006

Following up on KR Washington, Buchwald and Fiedler

Editor & Publisher has a wonderful profile of Clark Hoyt, the man who runs the Knight Ridder Washington bureau, and a Knight man since the 60s, who was in the courtroom (but too far back) when Bob Woodward heard Watergate James McCord admit he worked for 'CIA'. I remember seeing Hoyt's name a lot those years. Much here about the future of the bureau under McClatchy, too.

The Miami Herald's Tom Fiedler has written a Herald column in reaction to Ed Wasserman's column about divergence (earlier posting with links to Wasserman and an internal Herald memo from Fiedler).
It's not that I love newspapers less, it's that I love being relevant more. It's inescapable that if we are to be as successful in practicing journalism in the future as we have been in the past, we must be available in these other spaces.

And then there's Art Buchwald, who entered a hospice months ago because his kidneys were failing and he refused dialysis: Heaven Can Wait.
I'm going to Martha's Vineyard instead of Paradise.
I called up the TV stations and the newspapers and asked them if they would make a correction and retract the original story. They said they never correct stories about people who claimed they were dying and didn't.


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