Thursday, May 25, 2006

Getting into journalism...and research

Here's a fascinating 'Ask the Post' column on the Washington Post's website, with a Q&A from Peter Perl, Assistant Managing Editor, Training and Development.

Lots of good questions and answers about how to break into journalism, or get hired by the Post. And, a research question!
Washington, D.C.: Hi Peter, I was wondering about the researcher positions at The Post-- what kinds of things does a researcher do, and how? And how does one become a researcher at a newspaper or magazine?

Peter Perl: Researchers are highly valued at The Post and other good newspapers. They perform a huge variety of search functions, usually on the Web. The Post was fortunate enough to win 4 Pulitzer prizes this year and in our newsroom celebrations, several researchers were cited as being indispensable parts of that great work. Again, we would look for highly skilled people with several years experience.
Get that? 'Highly valued'. Thank you, Peter.


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