Monday, May 22, 2006

Time goes by

As I approach another birthday, the one that takes me to within a year of Social Security eligibility, it seems a good time to stop by Ronni Bennett's Time Goes By blog.

Ronni's moving from Manhattan, where she's lived since 1969, to Portland, Maine. Much of the debate with herself about making this move were posted on her Sense of Place blog. But now the ongoing story is all in one place, and it's down to the last two days before the move; much of the same turmoil as when I left Miami for western NC a year and a half ago. With Ronni, her goodbye to New York was personified by the recycling cop who gave her a ticket -- for putting a couple of ceramic plates in with her glass recyclables. The last straw: New York City can Stuff it. (With us, it was hurricanes that forced us to sit in Miami, truck packed, for three days and still hit us on the way out of Florida at the state line...Sept 2004)

Much to think about in her musings, from the ease of dealing with business in Maine as opposed to New York (same here, with Miami), and questions about how long she'll be able to drive her lovely new red car.

It's always worth a stop here, especially for those older folks who can find a community here among the other elder bloggers Ronni links to.

Every once in awhile, though, something here just hits me: witness her posting on the First Amendment and blogging:

Jay Rosen, a professor of journalism at New York University who is also a media blogger at PressThink, said something so succinct, so smart and so true that I, caught up in its stunning simplicity, missed whatever came next.

I liked it so much that as soon as I returned to New York, I gave it a permanent home on TGB down there at the bottom of the left rail with a link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This is what Jay said:
“Blogs are little First Amendment machines.”
Think about that. You and I, each one of us sitting at our computers at home, maybe in our pajamas, have as much access to publish our words, thoughts and ideas as the richest person or corporation in the world.


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