Monday, May 22, 2006

Big split

Thanks to Sheila Lennon, who says she posted these links 'to get it out of the way', a couple columns in the Brit papers on the Paul McCartney/Heather Mills split that've attracted lots and lots of comments: The Real Reason Macca snapped, in the Mail; and Lady Macca: the Case for the Defence, in The Guardian. Not ones to hold back, the readers are speaking their minds, and some of the comments are pretty funny, like this one, referring to Keith Richards:
She's well out of it. He's a boring old fart anyway. Any self respecting man his age is out climbing palm trees. And falling out of them.
Thinking about online newspapers allowing comments, seems the Brits, starting with the BBC, have been doing it for a long time without much controversy.

(Added later:) Here's another interesting take on the split from The Independent: Heather Mills McCartney: Secrets and Lies.


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