Monday, April 17, 2006

Weekend update: Other things found last week:

Some great resources this week for news coverage of the biggest topics in the news: the war on terrorism:


(Added later:) Another place for news on these topics: Lexis Nexis' free news site.

The other links:

  • Global Legal Information Network (GLIN), from Library of Congress, searchable database of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, etc.
  • Resources on Immigrants and health from KFF.
  • SORA: Searchable Ornithological Research Archives, has archives of old birding journals going back to 1800s.

    Governments, Politics:
  • 2006 Congressional Pig Book now out from Citizens Against Govt Waste. Includes a Complete Pork Database.
  • Pushing Prescriptions, report on the drug industry and political influence from Center for Public Integrity.

  • lets you compare states by statistics. Also:
  • Juvenile Offenders and Victims, 2006 from DoJ.
  • Population Profile of the United States, Dynamic Version from Census, this format for latest population releases is Internet-only and updated whenever new info is available.
  • World Health Report, 2006 from WHO.
  • Index of Leading Environmental Indicators 2006 from Pacific Research Institute and American Enterprise Institute.
  • Glenmary Research Center is mapping religious faith in the U.S. and has statistics on Catholics.

    Public Records:
  • Some states are now putting traffic accident reports online, at least for awhile after the crash: here's Missouri; Iowa.

  • Real or Fake? fascinating story in National Journal about separating faked photos from real in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Domain Tools, formerly, one of the best domain name search directories. This new site has more features, including historical domain names by subscription (but there is also a similar database on Dialog). There are also DNS Tools, like ping and traceroute.
  • Yahoo! Maps (beta) said to have more satellite image detail than Google Maps.
  • What was the price of gold then? going back to 1257. Part of How much is that? economic history site at Miami University.

    Some interesting stories/blogs:
  •, a reporters' blog 'prolonging the slow death of newspapers', highlighting great writing.
  • Passport blog from Foreign Policy magazine.
  • PJNet Today, a public journalism weblog from Leonard Witt.
  • Language Log, interesting blog on useage, including a discussion on why use of 'spaz' is so much worse in Europe than here.


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