Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Content blog:

I've seen a couple links in last couple days to the blog by Ken Doctor, Content Bridges, especially to his posting 10 Questions for (McClatchy CEO) Gary Pruitt, and the followup, More (Web-Oriented) Questions for Pruitt.

Good to see Doctor's blog. As a (now former) Knight Ridder VP who was involved with building KR New Media, then KR Digital, he has a lot of background in new media (starting with the Pioneer Planet several years ago when he was Pioneer Press's managing editor). I found him thoughtful and a great listener.

This blog is definitely worth reading on the Knight Ridder story and online news media in general.

Down several posts, Doctor's reaction to Tony Ridder's 'shock' that McClatchy would sell off some of the papers:
I have no doubt that Tony is anguished and surprised. But isn't this the fit epitaph for a once-great company, now in the throes of dismemberment, a company that has had such inability to sweat the details and execute:



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