Friday, March 24, 2006


I got an email the other day from a reader who said my feed no longer worked. I was embarassed to say I hadn't thought about the feed in a long time, and discovered I no longer even had a link in the left hand column.

I set up a Feedburner (Feedster?) feed a couple years back, but it worked sporadically and then didn't work at all. I left the link on the page, and added a link to an Atom feed once Blogger started offering it. But when I edited the template a few months ago, I deleted links to both feeds, the one that worked and the one that didn't.

So now the link is back, top of the lefthand column.
The reader checked the feed in two validation sites, and, so it should work for everyone, despite being Atom not RSS.

On this topic, a relevant post from Sheila Lennon, who feels the same way I do about feeds. She quotes Jeneane Sessum, who says, in Lazy Aggregator Readers Go Home, that readers miss the point of conversation with a blog. She asks her readers to come to her page, comment and interact. Sheila comments on Jeneane's blog:
I like returning to familiar sites, I guess, seeing what you're all up to. Making my rounds is a comfortingly familiar routine to start and end the day.

Me too. I tried three or four feed readers, starting with Amphetadesk and moving on thru several more. I do have quite a few feeds in My Yahoo! and check that once a week or so to see if I've missed anything. Lately I've thought about setting up Google Reader or the reader in Firefox. But I just can't enthuse about this. Like Sheila, I like to browse, see if the site has changed any, blogroll has been added to, etc. I just click on my blogroll links and have a regular routine...some blogs every day, some every other day or so, some once a week. Works for me.

(Added later:) And, another thought: when I edit the posting, as I've done with this one, do people who read this only in feeds get the updates? I'm really bad about going back to change things after I post them. I think of something else I meant to say, or realize I've spelled something wrong (Sessum, not Sessums). Hmmm...


  • Oh, how I agree with you and Sheila! People who are readers only (and sporadic ones at that) miss a lot. I like the comment option and being able to interact. Maybe the feeder fans are representative of those in society who are becoming ever more isolated behind their Internet screens. We can only hope it's a passing phase not a "tipping point." After all, blogging was meant to appeal to the community gene in onliners. Thanks for what you offer. Blogs like yours help to keep us on track.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:07 PM  

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