Monday, March 20, 2006

Another new search engine:

Seems there's a new one so often that I rarely link to them. But once in awhile one seems worth looking closer at.

This happened a couple of weeks ago with Exalead, which was highly recommended by Gary Price, and I found it came up with some things I hadn't found elsewhere, as well as allowing proximity searching, clustering, and sorting.

So a couple days ago I got an email from the folks at Accoona, who suggested I take a look at their search engine.

This one is different. It specializes in searching News and Business sources, although it also has a Web search. At the time I was interested in Web searches and found several things for a project I'm working on that hadn't come up anywhere else. I tried the same search in News, and actually found some news stories related to my obscure topic too.

According to the Accoona email, "The engines are built on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms which enable retrieval of more results for stories associated with the search term and not just containing the term." and "you can further refine search results using on-screen scroll-down menus, including "people mentioned," "date published," and "publisher," among others. The menus reveal the number of times each choice is mentioned in the results."

This one certainly seems worth adding to the tools list.


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