Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weekend update: Other things found last week:

I'm trying to get more postings here and did better this week. Unfortunately it seems posting more here means less postings on my Miami Herald blog.
Oh well. There will be some changes in future, anyway. I'm still overdue for redesigning this blog and updating the links pages, and will be able to get to that one of these days.

The links:

  • Women's History resources from Gale.
  • Textile Database: searching or browsing gets you photos of lovely ancient and modern textiles.
  • Online medical dictionary review: unsure which one to use? Gale's Digital Reference Shelf reviews Taber's (On RXList, lower left-hand column) and several others.
  • OpenJ-gate is a free journal search from Informatics.
  • Physical and mental health characteristics of U.S. and foreign-born adults, 1998-2003 Includes this: "These immigrants become less healthy the longer they reside in the United States."
  • Derby Data Track from the Courier-Journal, Louisville. Lookup or compare horses in contention this year.
  • Best Walking Cities in America from podiatrist's assn, no surprise Miami comes in 79th of 100....
  • UN Reform Report
  • The Silent Epidemic, study of school dropouts from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Pesticides in U.S. streams and waterways, new report from USGS.
  • Pew Institute for Ocean Science
  • Muslim Heritage: beautiful site includes a '1001 Muslim Inventions' weblog.
  • How Products are Made: database of descriptions of hundreds of products.
  • ArchiveGrid: a new collection of archives available to search for free til end of May.
  • AOL Beta In2TV Search: if you have an AOL account or free IM account, you can search and download old TV shows here.

    Governments, Politics:
  • Next week is Sunshine Week.
  • Survey of State criminal history information systems, 2003 from BJS.

  • highlights good journalism around the world.
  • News University: Freedom of Information course is available to take for free.

  • Titanic Archive: this is pages of newspapers carrying stories from the 1912 sinking, searchable. A free service from the fee-based
  • Irish Newspaper Archives search several papers going back into history with some up to present; first few page images are available for free, then you need to register for subscription to see more.

  • Iran's Oil and Gas Wealth study from Joint Economic Committee.
  • Sports Markets: which cities can support them? from American Business Journals, calls St. Pete the 'most overextended'.

    Public Records:
  • PI Buzz is a new blog on public records, etc., from two PIs, including Tamara Thompson who had another blog called PI News Link.
  • The Art of Public Records Research: good article from Cyberskeptic's Guide via The Virtual Chase. Here's a good one:
  • Excluded Parties List. Find individuals who've been barred from getting Federal contracts or doing business w/ the federal govt. More extensive than the HHS excluded individuals search I linked to earlier...

  • Felony Defendants in large U.S. counties, latest stats from BJS.
  • Performance Profiles of major energy producers, 2004 from EIA.
  • Retail Customer Dissatisfaction Survey, 2006 (PDF).
  • Traffic Volume Trends, December 2005: DoT stats show driving miles slightly down nationwide, except in West and Gulf states.

  • Guide to Florida Government, 2005 (in PDF) and The Clerk's Manual (2004-6) (browse by page or download).

  • Washington's Invisible Man: Vanity Fair profile of Jack Abramoff. (preview PDF).
  • Forbes Billionaire's list 2006

    Some interesting stories/blogs:
  • Blogging at the U.S.'s 100 biggest newspapers, a list. (Main. From Jay Rosen's new Blue Plate Special.
  • Tech Talk is a Web searching blog at WRAL, Raleigh, from search expert Tara Calishain. (I may have linked previously but needed that reminder to myself to check it more often.)
  • Mixed Signals, an NPR blog.
  • The Mechanic and the Muse a blog on writing from Chip Scanlan at Poynter.


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