Saturday, March 04, 2006

Weekend update: Other things found last week:

This week I'm pretty much back to normal (aside from a small annoying cough) after nearly a month of cold and flu. Entire month of February, gone. That's the worst bout of illness I've had in dozens of years. Now that we're feeling better the local paper is finally saying there's flu going around.
Oh well, if all I have to complain about is flu there's not much to complain about at all. Nice to feel better (and taste food again, that was the worst part); and spring's on its way. Hope you all avoided the bug this year.

The links:

  • Medical Dictionary from AskSam.
  • Movie Archive links from Resourceshelf.
  • Avian influenza pandemic resource guide
  • Annual Global Climate and catastrophe report

    Governments, Politics:
  • Department of State Newsmaker search: find experts.
  • TRAC report on federal judges examines individual case load, stats.
  • new campaign to get Congress members to read text of bills 72 hours before voting on them.
  • Americans' Awareness of First Amendment Freedoms, a survey.
  • 18 years of "Dirty War" in Mexico. Natl Security Archive's copy of draft of report from Mexico's special prosecutor.

  • News College: 'Practical Journalism Tips' from a newsroom newsletter.

  • Winter Games Newspaper Archive: a bit late, but this site has images of newspaper pages from historical newspapers; winter games stories available for free.

  • Enron Trial Exhibits and Releases from DoJ.
  • America's Most Admired Companies, 2006 from Fortune.
  • More on Ports, from LII: American Assoc. of Ports Authorities: industry info (includes statistics, issues, news); Background on Dubai Ports World purchase of P&0 from Council of Foreign Relations; Port Security from Counter Terrorism Training site; Securing U.S. Ports factsheet from Dept of Homeland Security.

  • Kosmix a new search engine for Health, Politics, Travel.
  • ClusterMed: a search of PubMed using Vivisimo's clustering technology.
  • (formerly Ask Jeeves) has lots of new specialized searches, a mapping service, weather, images, lots more.

    Public Records:
  • Maryland Judiciary Case Search covers civil, criminal, traffic (except for Montgomery and Prince George's).
  • EPA Compliance and Enforcement: settled cases.

  • Just Released, Health Status, Health Insurance, and Health Services Utilization: 2001 (PDF) from Census.
  • Online activities and pursuits: latest survey from Pew Internet.
  • Latest stats on cosmetic surgery
  • 2006 Economic Report of the President.

    Some interesting stories/blogs:
  • Bloglossary: find terms used in blogs.


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