Saturday, February 25, 2006

Weekend update: Other things found last week:

This week I had a hard time finding much of anything interesting enough to post on my Infomaniac blog, or here. Must be the late winter doldrums.
And the terrible news. It's getting so I can barely watch TV news or read newspapers lately, it seems things are spinning out of control everywhere.
Let's hope for something positive, soon.

The links:

  • 2005 World Shark Attack summary from UF.
  • #1 song on this date in history from Billboard charts, back to 1940.
  • Hurricane Spending and the Federal Government from Joint Economic Committee, United States Congress. On Katrina, Rita, Wilma.
  • Snapshot of Philanthropy's Response to the Gulf Coast Hurricanes from the Foundation Center.
  • Real estate tracking links: wonderful collection from Resourceshelf on real estate trends, costs, bubble.
  • Word on the Street: old newspaper pages from Natl Library of Scotland.
  • Digital Orchid Library at Michigan State.

    Governments, Politics:
  • Black Box Voting's report on Palm Beach voting machines; The event logs.

  • Some good Port references from BeSpacific: World Port Index and searchable database; List of U.S. Ports; List of worldwide ports; Ports in the World; Seaports of the Americas.

  • Housing Tracker tracks housing prices by metropolitan area.
  • North American Cruise Passenger Statistics (Excel spreadsheets): Summary tables 2003-2005; Detail 2003-2005
  • Fraud Update: news and research from Center for Study of Economic Crimes at FSU, St. Thomas U.
  • Flight Delays, Mishandled Bags, Consumer Complaints Up in 2005 Over Previous Year, lastest stats from BTS (Summary with link to fulltext PDF).
  • U.S. Statistical Abstract, 2006

  • Human Trafficking Search
  • InterviewsRus: Missed a celebrity interview on TV you wanted to see? This site archives them, just need to register.


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