Friday, January 20, 2006

What do you read?
Here's an interesting exercise from the folks at Poynter: The Poynter Diet. Here staffers like Jim Romenesko, Larry Larsen and Al Tompkins let us know what they read, watch or listen to for news during a normal day. Some things listed here you might not have expected......

(Added later:) I realized, after posting this, that it would be a bit more useful if I also posted a list of what I read every day: So here goes.

The Asheville Citizen-Times in hard copy, plus the Chattanooga Times Free Press on Sundays. Occasionally an Atlanta Journal Constitution. The Miami Herald online. Some days I scan the New York Times and Washington Post. Almost all of the blogs listed in the left-hand column. Some days, many of the blogs on my longer blog list.

Speaking of important reads for journalists, the new blog by Mark Glaser from PBS, Media Shift, launched this week. Among the first postings: Why Do I Blog?


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