Saturday, December 17, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:

Some days I'm really happy with Blogger. My Herald blog, which has run on Typepad for the last few months, went down along with thousands of other Typepad blogs yesterday, and for a whole day an archived version of the blog was all that was available, as though the last three days of postings hadn't happened. It's back. But it's been a long time since there were any problems with my Blogger blog....cross fingers.

In other news, The Miami Herald is dropping the 'The Herald' designation it's gone by in Broward county and on the Web, and is now proudly 'The Miami Herald' again. So the Website is now at, and email addresses, like mine, are now (The old address will still work, of course.)

The other links:

  • USA Today bestseller lists, searchable.
  • Songfacts has song history, origins, lyrics.
  • Mary Farrell Foundation continuing the work of a diligent JFK assassination researcher, with reams of primary materials online.
  • State and Local Intelligence and the War on Terrorism: Rand Corp. study.
  • TSA Security check wait times; get average waits by day, time, and terminal. Here's MIA between 6-7 Mondays.
  • Free databases from AskSam: downloadable e-books, texts, reports and government documents searchable in AskSam; note there is an area code database here too.

  • Yesterday's News: great new project from Minneapolis Star-Tribune putting old stories online. Background on stories in the news, hot news from the past, posted in blog format. Very cool.
  • Stories of the Year, 2005: LexisNexis' free news site offers stories from the day events occurred.

  • Talk Digger: put in a site address and see who's commenting on it or linking to it.
  • Blogs: now another place to check what the blogosphere is saying about current news....

  • Volunteering in the U.S., stats from BLS.
  • NCAA race & gender data 2004-5.
  • State of the World's Children 2006, from UNICEF.

  • Crunks of the Year, 2005, best media errors and corrections of 2005 from Regret the Error blog.
  • What will happen to Knight Ridder? discussion from Lou Alexander and Stephen Lacy on Grade the News.

    Some interesting stories/blogs:
  • Katrina Index: Tracking variables in reconstruction from Brookings Inst.
  • Going to War with the Allies you have, from Army War College's Inst. of Strategic Study.


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