Thursday, December 08, 2005

Advances in information:

I've really been enjoying Mark Schaver's Depth Reporting site (formerly called CAR report) for the last few months as a great place to find some new and interesting information sources I may have missed. Now the site has undergone a change, and is now part of the Louisville Courier-Journal's web presence. Along with the blog, the C-J will also be running a print column by Mark with some of the links. As Mark says, "Although it has always been an outgrowth of my work, my blog up to now has been a personal project. But the newspaper's editors, as well as myself, think many of the things I write about here would interest readers too..."

Congrats to Mark. FYI, note the link to a database he's put online of Louisville Metro Council votes.

In more news from CAR specialists, here's Chicago Daily News, a new citizen journalism project started by Geoff Dougherty, who did CAR at the Miami Herald and at the Chicago Tribune. Goeff's left the Trib to run this. Steve Doig is a director.

Here's another manifestation of the continuing online research innovation that is happening at the Washington Post: Congressional Votes Database 1991-present, compiled by Washington Post researcher Derek Willis and put online by Adrian Holovaty.


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