Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New and innovative: libraries take note:

Some new examples this week of things that libraries could be doing to postition themselves in the forefront of innovation for news organizations. These are from public libraries and an online department so none are FROM news libraries, but there are ideas here....

  • BizWiki from Ohio U. library, business resource guide covering online and book sources.

  • Wex, a legal resource site with law dictionary and encyclopedia, from Cornell's Legal Information Institute, apparently a Wiki in progress.

  • Post Remix: Washington Post Online provides this guide to useful uses of data on their site, like feeds of search results, a 'news cloud' of Post stories, a world map with stories linked, etc. Part of Post's innovative online projects spurred by hiring of Adrian Holovaty.

    And here's one more, less high-tech, but very useful for Florida news librarians:
  • A Chronology of Florida Newspapers, 1783-2000, compiled by Poynter librarian David Shedden, in PDF format so you can make a nice bound printout.

    And one more thing I noticed today, news organizations take note:
  • Nexis News seems to have undergone a redesign to make it even easier to use, and also seems to have more free news online. This free site eliminates the need to go into Nexis itself for recent news stories, and appears to be trying to rival newspapers' and other news portal sites for providing news to the general public. Interesting. Note they've even compiled Thanksgiving Recipes and other thanksgiving information.


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