Saturday, January 14, 2006

Weekend update: Other things found last week:

First time in a long time that I've posting something in nearly every category. Lots of good stuff this week. Work on a project kept me from doing much updating on the blogs, but despite the lack of time to browse, seems like the good stuff just kept coming.

The links:

  • your guide to all the gods.
  • Infotrieve Article Finder search articles in science, medical and technical journals (search and citation is now free, there's a charge for fulltext).
  • FishOnline can help identify fish and gives info on environmental stability.
  • Satellite database from Union of Concerned Scientists, download this database to find out what satellites are in the sky.
  • Dictionary of American Word Origins from
  • Dictionary of Wisconsin History

  • Academy Awards Press Kit.

    Public Records:
  • HHS excluded individuals search includes companies and people excluded for past convictions, care violations, fraud, etc.
  • Tennessee Meth Offender Database
  • Atlanta Constitution analyzed voter records and found huge numbers used work addresses, post office boxes, jail addresses, etc.
  • The Smoking Gun's investigation on James Frey.

  • Facts for Features on Baby Boomers from Census.
  • Historical Census Data: one page pulls together links to all the old data available on Census server. Also: Historical Census Browser from University of Virginia. (Tx to NewsLib contributors for these.)

    Governments, Politics:
  • Alito hearings in AskSam database
  • Information withheld by the Fed. govt, a bibliography from LLRX.
  • Declassified intelligence products on Vietnam, 1948-1975 from Natl Intelligence Council; also: China, 1948-1976
  • The Economic Cost of the Iraq War (PDF) report from Kennedy School of Govt.

  • a new airline search that can show you all the flights from one airport to another on a particular day. Prices not displayed but when you click on a flight it shows prices (in Euros) and details from, and links to, booking sites.
  • Google Pack: free one-stop download of some very good software like Picasa for photo organizing, Google desktop, Google Earth, Firefox and more. Windows XP only.
  • Some articles about interesting new investigative tools: Data Mining for banned books tells how to use Amazon's Wish Lists to find out what people are reading; Chicago Sun Times on a new cell phone database that will tell you who people are calling (for a fee) (more on this on my other blog); How to use copyrighted material, a primer from an expert.

  • OPEC revenues fact sheet from EIA.
  • Cruise Passenger Statistics for first 9 months of 2005 from BTS.
  • 100 Best Companies to work for from Fortune.
  • Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki see if someone inside a company you're writing about is blogging....

  • The State of the News Media, 2005 from Columbia's Project for Excellence in Journalism.
  • Journalists killed, attacked in 2005, latest report from Reporters sans Frontieres...

    Some interesting stories/blogs:
  • Editorial cartoonist's blog from Borgman in Cincinnati. Includes sketches of cartoons in progress.
  • Toot follows blogs on the Mideast, in English or Arabic.

  • Birds Eye Tourist finds interesting aerial shots from Microsoft Live Local.
  • Art Deco Buildings in London; one was The Spitfire Works. Who knew they built them there?
  • Movie Keyword Analyzer from IMDB. Put in Miami, e.g. and get 89 movie titles on Miami Florida.
  • American Left Ephemera Collection from a Pitt prof.


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