Friday, January 13, 2006

Newspaper blog woes:

In the Austin Chronicle, a telling column about the Statesman's editors blog, which apparently has fizzed out after a promising start from editors Rich Oppel and Fred Zipp. According to one of the last postings from Zipp, the blog failed because it wasn't worth the time. (Via New Media Musings.)

This echoes what Plain Dealer editor Doug Clifton said when he stopped posting to his blog last year after a few months.

Now, also, the Miami Herald Editors' Blog is gone, disappeared from the site after nearly 3 months of no postings (the last one was from the flurry of preparations for Hurricane Wilma, Three or four of the top editors posted a few random notes before that, but little of consequence or interest.

Well, it's no wonder. No one's going to read a blog if the writers aren't into it. And it seems that most newspaper editors just don't get it. The exception, of course, is editors like Greensboro's John Robinson.


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