Sunday, January 08, 2006

Going back over older postings on this blog, seems it was once a lot more interesting before I started posting more of the good stuff to the other blog (Infomaniac at Miami, but especially because I used to post a lot more photos.

BPB (before Photo Blogger) I posted new photos to my Web page then linked to them here. Then when I got Hello! and Picasa (now all part of the Google empire) I started doing a separate photo blog of photos I take weekly around the mountain area where I live now (Southern Highlands Cam).

But now, after a bit of prodding from some readers to try Flickr (I tried a few other things first), I've posted a couple photo galleries there. Some of my favorite photos from the mountains, as well as the most colorful Miami/Keys shots. Most important reason to have done this: I can link permanently to the photos. Couldn't do that anywhere else.

Remember these?


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