Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Changes and fixes:

Not perfect yet, by any means, but I've moved several of the pages linked on the left column to a new Webspace on my Earthlink account so they will be visible again. This includes links to the blogs I read, and reference pages like the public records listings, etc.

For some reason my old Earthlink space was being overused each month and cutting off access. It had never happened before and expected after the first month it wouldn't happen again. But each month has been the same for a few months now.

Many of the research/reference pages, even my blog list, need updating. I've put that off while deciding what to do about the space. Today I started a Flickr upload so I can start linking to my photos there. It will take awhile before I get all the photos loaded so I won't start linking there yet.

So if you've bookmarked any of the old pages and hadn't been able to get into them, try the links on left, or change the URL to from and they should work now.

In the next week or so I'll try to get lots of these pages updated.

(I have also been thinking about changing the template on this blog so it'll have more of the new Blogger features, but every time I consider that I decide I like this old template just fine. Hmmm. Keep watching.)


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