Monday, March 13, 2006

Big news:

At least for me and thousands of other Knight Ridder employees, alumni and retirees: the sale to McClatchy.

It's difficult to process such a change and hard not to be concerned. But there seems to be nothing but good news about McClatchy's journalism ethic. I haven't had much to go on as far as getting an impression of McClatchy, except to have watched the changes as they took over the formerly family-owned News & Observer in Raleigh. One thing did concern me about this: the N&O had a groundbreaking website, the NANDO Times, which McClatchy shut down a couple years ago.

This comment from McClatchy alum J.D. Lasica is heartening though:

It's good news for anyone who cares about journalism. While McClatchy has sacrificed some quality over the years in cost-cutting bids to please Wall Street, it's a company that still cares deeply about journalism, unlike some other potential bidders, which could have gutted Knight Ridder's staff and turning its local newspaper monopolies into pure money-printing machines.

More on my Miami Herald blog.


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