Thursday, March 16, 2006

News Finders:

I'm finding it hard to keep up with the new automated news/newsfeed categorizers lately. I just haven't gotten Digg at all (the front page stories are so geeky), find Newsvine a bit intimidating (but am liking it more everytime I look at it), but love Memeorandum and Topix.

So I found this article very useful (thanks to fellow news researcher Jean Packard): Man vs. Machine in Newsreader War, in Wired.

It discusses these and other news organizers (wow, had no idea there were so many) and makes it all quite clear.

And while nobody thinks Digg is going to disappear any time soon, the smart money is on automated news readers soundly defeating human filters in the years to come.
...What Google developed wasn't artificial intelligence, but something closer to what O'Reilly Media tech guru Rael Dornfest calls "artificial artificial intelligence".
That's the brand of technology most likely to win this race: not the machines we use, but the machines that know how to use us.

And, in another very different version of news categorization, even more new stuff from Heritage Microfilm's College Basketball Newspaper Archive and Pro Baseball Archives.


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