Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunshine Week:

It's heartening to see all the projects in various newspapers leading up to Sunshine Week, even if they're only carrying the latest AP survey. (On the other end of the spectrum, the News & Observer's special Open Government section....via Derek).
Also, don't miss Joe Adams' links to Florida newspapers' projects on the Florida Sunshine Review.

Lots of good links for public records and open government on Al's Morning Meeting today. Also, for finding good links, Amy Gahran of E-Media Tidbits has created a tag for Sunshine Week where you can find links to stories, blog comments, etc.

Then there's the Sunshine Week blog....

(Added later:) More: State and National Freedom of Information Resources, from The National Freedom of Information Coalition, a list I hadn't seen before.
Coalition of Journalists for Open Government. Some great news and links here, including a link to a Wisconsin songwriter's "Open Records Blues", and Useful Web Sites.

Thanks to Knight Foundation's newsletter for these links. And to the Foundation's website for link to this: What has 'The media' done for us lately? by the Foundation's Eric Newton in The Miami Herald:
So journalists need you. But you need them, too. If journalists don't tell you about this stuff, who will? The system won't tell you, not even in America. That's why all successful democracies have had a free and independent media. No system will easily admit its wrongs.


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