Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend update: Other things found last week:

Lots of good links again this week, many found via Gary Price's team at Resourceshelf and their Docuticker spinoff, from Mark Schaver at Depth Reporting, and from some of the other sites linked in left-hand column.

The links:

  • Human Rights Library at University of Minnesota. Lots of documents and useful links.
  • Based on the book, a database of movies and where they came from.
  • U.S. State and Local Transit links. Here's Florida.
  • How Americans use their cell phones, survey by Pew Internet.
  • Identity Theft, 2004
  • US News best grad school ranking, 2007.
  • America's Immigration Quandary, public opinion report from Pew Hispanic.
  • Federal Allocations in Response to Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, report from Brookings.
  • National Drug Threat Assessment 2006, report from DoJ.
  • Internet Crime Report, 2005 from FBI.

    Governments, Politics:
  • The Insurgency in Iraq, a collection of fulltext articles and reports.
  • FDA Staff Travels on Drug Industry Dollars, report from Center for Public Integrity.
  • State agencies regulating charities from NASCO.

  • The IPO Market, report from Ernst and Young.
  • Airline Quality Rating, 2006
  • Market Segmentation: Guide to Sources of Information from Library of Congress, great links on ethnic/gender/generational/geographic segments, as well as info on relevant books, reports, etc.
  • Information on Telecommunications Companies, search of FCC form 499-A Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet. Can also search by type of business and state. I found 64 companies in Florida doing prepaid calling cards.

  • Historical Census Information on Educational Attainment, 1940-2000.
  • TRAC immigration: Transactional Records Access Clearing House has gathered reports, data on immigration issues.
  • Users of Online News Sources, report from Pew Internet.

  • Missouri Death Certificate Database covers 1910-1920 now, will go to 1955.

  • Online tutorials on business journalism, covering financial markets, understanding numbers, SEC filings and the economy.

  • Voting Rights in Florida, 1982-2006, study by UM's JoNel Newman, posted on; summary from Michael Froomkin.

  • Is the Media telling the real story in Iraq? new discussion page from Reuters.
  • Upcoming events sites for news planning, list compiled by Gary Price in 2003, most are still good.

  • New features on Mapquest like a 'no highways' or 'no tolls' option.

    Some interesting stories/blogs:
  • BallBug a new 'Memeorandum'-style automated feed of news, blogs about baseball.
  • Tom Delay blog from Public Campaign Action Fund.


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