Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekend update: Other things found last week:

Just a straight link dump this week:

The links:

  • BNA's Web Watch Reading Room is a great resource highlighting new government reports, bills filed, hearing information, and NGO reports by topic of the day.
  • U.S. Joint Forces Command's Joint Center for Operational Analysis: unclassified historical report of military operations conducted in Iraq
  • Fairchild Guide to Palms
  • Current topics in psychology, research guide for finding web sources from a psych. prof. Links on addiction, conditions, etc.
  • Facts about Sexual Orientation, guide from UC Davis psych. dept.
  • US Weather Service Climate Data from, click on a location to get recent climate data, then click NOWData tab for historical climate info.
  • AP's profanity study

    Governments, Politics:
  • Lobbying Database from, Center for Responsive Politics. Search lobbyist spending from 1998-present.

  • Boat Manufacturers Database from Coast Guard, get info and address. Can search by state, city to get local factory list.

  • OECD Factbook 2006: international databases of economic, environmental, and social statistics.
  • The size and characteristics of the undocumented alien population in the U.S. (summary), full report; from Pew Hispanic.
  • Cost of Driving: Now $.52/mile, press release from AAA with link to full report in PDF.
  • Liber8, a research resource from Federal Reserve bank, St. Louis. Has links to databases like FRED (economic statistics), CPI and other stats, inflation tracking, IES (international economic stats), plus research.

  • Baghdad: the besieged press in NY Review of Books by Orville Schell.

  • Two new newspaper story archives from (stories are images of pages in PDF): FBI archive and September 11th Archive.

  • Aeroseek Web flight tracking. a new tracking service using data from FBOWEb, with a nice display, with maps of the flight in progress. Search with airline and flight number, but if you don't have a flight number click on 'Check it out' to get a search page with airport, airline, or time/day searches. There's also an aviation search engine here.
  • Use Firefox? Did you know you can customize your search bar to add whatever searches you want? Go here. I added Wikipedia,, Technorati blog search, and Food Network recipe search. Lots more available, including BBC News. More here.

    Some interesting stories/blogs:
  • After the Levees, a Katrina recovery blog from TPM Cafe.
  • TPM Muckraker

  • Top 15 skylines in the world. Great photos. Miami isn't one of them.


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