Thursday, April 13, 2006

Daily Pulp breaks the Florida journalism news:

I'm glad to see (via Pulp's linkage) that Mindy McAdams has put Tom Fiedler's memo from this morning online. As soon as I read it I hoped it would be somewhere to link to (like Romenesko, where there's now a link to McAdams' blog).

In it, Fiedler describes a change in latitudes in the Herald's newsroom, where writing, editing and illustrating for online will become an equal partner to newspaper work. Says Fiedler:

Let me stress that we aren't going to milk The Miami Herald
to do this. This newspaper is what brought us here and it
will remain very successful for many years. There is something
special and unique about journalism on the printed page and
we won't neglect that going forward. But we didn't fall in
love with journalism because of ink and paper. We fell in love
with it because it had the power to change lives for the
better -- and we can do that on paper, on the web and over
the airwaves with equal devotion.

This gives me hope for the future.

I'm also glad to see UF journalism prof McAdams' new blog Teaching Online Journalism and Website. I've been linking to older versions of her pages for years, since we shared a panel in London...

Also via Pulp, a link to the IRE Training page listing the upcoming boot camp to be held in Miami: Computer-Assisted Reporting Boot Camp, April 23-28, 2006, being organized by Neil Reisner and held at Florida International University's North Miami campus. I had seen emails about the camp, but not a link to the course description.

No reporter or researcher should pass up the chance for this essential training, if possible to attend.

(Added Friday:) One more thing I should have linked here, it's been linked on most journalism blogs but for anyone thinking about the future of newspapers and online newspapers, a must read: How Web + print + cutbacks can still equal success, the report from APME.


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