Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Offshore archiving?

Gaol House Blog is an anonymous news librarian in the UK. (S?)He links to a column in the Press Gazette that mentions the last librarian at the Mirror is now gone. Archiving is done in Delhi.

Wow. First Fleet Street, now the libraries. British journalism sure is changing. Here too?

From the Press Gazette's Axe Grinder blog:
Loss of Mirror library may be embarrassing

THE MIRROR has said farewell to Steve, the last remaining member of the paper's in-house library. Yup, the Mirror no longer has a library.

Or rather it does, but from now on all cuttings are compiled electronically by the cheap labour in Delhi.

The India-based "librarians" have previously earned mentions in Axegrinder, you'll recall. It was the Delhi crew who lost an 'aitch from Horse Racing so that in the cuts it become "Orse racing".

And then there was that highly embarrassing and offensive match report of Scunthorpe United v Man City. It ended up in the digital cuts library with the ‘S' missing from Scunthorpe.


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