Monday, April 24, 2006

Weekend update: Other things found last week:

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Later Monday afternoon...the photo blog has updated, so trying this one again....

  • Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary
  • National Archives' baseball records: page tells you what's there and how to find it.
  • World History Sources, a guide from George Mason U.
  • Medical Reference for Non-Medical librarians, nice guide to resources.

  • The Shape of Metropolitan Growth: Brookings study compares Seattle and Orlando.
  • A Performance Review of FEMA's Disaster Management Activities in Response to Hurricane Katrina, report from FEMA's IG.
  • Health Fraud, links from Medline Plus.
  • Hispanics and the Future of America, new book from National Academies Press, available for sale or to read online as an e-book.
  • Is there a Human Right to Free Movement? Immigration and Original Ownership of the Earth, study from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.
  • Lethal Risk to Birds From Insecticide Use in the United States -- A Spatial and Temporal Analysis

  • Snapshot: Health Care Costs 101, 2006 Edition from California Healthcare Foundation.
  • New Study Finds Lifetime Costs of Injuries in Billions; Costs Associated with a Year Top $406 billion, CDC report.
  • Crime and the nation's households, 2004 from BJS.
  • The Death Penalty in 2005, annual Amnesty report.
  • NHTSA study on driver inattention and accidents

    Public Records:
  • Oklahoma District Court Records.
  • Stolen Jewelry Database from Jewelers' Security Assn.

  • Why radical evolution is good for print, too; another report from APME.
  • Health News Review looks at news stories and critiques them. From a Health Journalism prof at U.Minn.
  • The Net for Journalists: A practical guide to the Internet for journalists in developing countries from UNESCO.

  •, the Europe-based mapping service, now provides detailed aerials of lots of European cities.
  • ZOHOSheet, a free Web-based spreadsheet program, allows you to share online or keep private. Also by ZOHO: ZOHOWriter, a word processing web program.

  • Company Information Guide from Virtual Chase, is a searchable database of resources.
  • Forbes: The Business of Baseball, including team valuations.

  • Folkvine cute Flash site for Florida Folk art.

  • The American Roadside: diners, drive-ins and attractions. Has a story about the 11th St. Diner when it was the Olympic, in Wilkes-Barre.


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