Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wikipedia and bias -- again

Mark Glaser has an excellent article in MediaShift, Is There a Neutral View on George W. Bush? about the Wikipedia entry. My thoughts on this on my Infomaniac blog.


  • Might the question "Is there..." be better framed as "Why shouldn't there be..."

    I had this conversation the other day with someone in the news business who asked me, "Why is it that 'a little bit of bias' perceived against Bush is generally pish-poshed by the mainstream media, while bias perceived in Bush's favor is greeted with moaning and wailing and catterwalling?"

    I didn't really have a good answer. "Because it feels fun and it makes people feel better," didn't seem like much of a response.

    What I did say was that it continues to amaze me that with so many meaty, Flintstone-size policy bones to pick against the Bush Administration, continuing to harp against his National Guard duty is like trying to impeach him for an inability to parallel park. I mean, why bother?

    By Anonymous Jeff, at 6:01 PM  

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