Thursday, September 18, 2003

I don't know about you, but ever since Johnny Cash died, I've caught myself humming "I walk the line" constantly. Never was much into the song before, but the other day someone printed the lyrics. Now I know what it's about, the power of love. Something he probably wouldn't have lasted this long without.

Something I should have mentioned a couple days ago: Liz Doup covers South Florida blogs in the Sun-Sentinel.

"Eliminating the Bimbo Factor": very nice posting by Tim Porter on his First Draft Weblog about future of journalism. He thinks it's good. Interesting comment: "To my even greater surprise, I feel compelled to return to the newsroom, something I never would have predicted because I left it disillusioned by the rigidity of its hierarchy, by the desperate but substantively hollow grasps for readership and by the creeping acceptance of mediocrity as an editorial standard, the latter often rationalized with complaints about lack of resources or the penury of publishers, as if good journalism would suddenly materialize if somehow a newspaper had 100 reporters instead of 80 or even 10 instead of eight." He also recommends This speech by Tom Rosensteil of the Committee for Concerned Journalists.


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