Sunday, September 14, 2003

New Century:
Today The Miami Herald celebrates its 100th anniversary, with a new radical redesign starting tomorrow, by Mario Garcia and team. Although the paper contains a special section with stories by/about Garcia, columns by editor Tom Fiedler, and guide to new sections, I can't find it online. There is, however, Fiedler's anniversary column which ran on 1a today, with links to profiles of Miami centenarians. Other parts of the feature are missing, though. I hate it when things that appear in the newspaper just don't materialize online.

One cool thing:
I posted a link to a hurricane forecast graphic on the Herald site on Friday. Just noticed that it's not the static graphic that Friday showed Isabel pointed at Florida; now the graphic shows a much more northerly track. Nice to see that the graphic URL is dynamic. Although it defeats the point of the link as I felt Friday....

A few vacation photos....


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