Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Journalists and musicians:
Dave Barry writes .....a moving obituary of his friend Warren Zevon, in today's Herald.

Alicia Shepard does the best profile of Woodward and Bernstein I've read, in Washingtonian. You probably saw this linked in Romanesko a few days ago, but for an old Postie like me, this is fascinating stuff. Lots of comments from old friends/coworkers. She nearly catches the wannabe-rock critic Bernstein's character, at least with this quote, from Richard Cohen: "He knows more about classical music than almost anyone I know. He knows more about rock music than anyone I know. As I got to know him, these layers kept appearing.".
There's even a quote from All the President's Men researcher Bob Fink, who now lives here in Miami. She didn't get the other researcher credited in the book -- me, though...


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