Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Go, Boynton!:
South Florida has its first team in the Little League World Series, and they're playing in the semifinals tonight: Links on The Herald blog.

Anti-abortion threats:
Great story in The Herald this morning about bullets mailed to state officials, and a Web site threatening violence if abortion doctor killer Paul Hill is executed: Threats, bullets sent to protest pending execution, by Lesley Clark. The newsletter promoted on the site says Hill is "a hero, an authentic Christian martyr, whose death proves the government of the United States of America has been enslaved by the forces of Satan".

Blog troubles at The Herald: my bad:
Added at 2 pm: I set the publication date wrong when I added a new post to the Herald blog this morning. Instead of 9 am, I set it to appear at 9 pm. (Because I'm doing the entire blog manually with no blogging tools, things like this are bound to happen.) So the post below is no longer relevant, but the URL is still good for the current blog, so far:
Somehow the Herald blog has gone haywire and I can't call up the file to edit it. Worse, it's not showing up on the columnist page which I recommended bookmarking as the best URL for finding the blog. Oh well. If you're looking, the current blog URL is working:


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