Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Some fun things today:
  • The Language of Heat the BBC compiles ways to say it's hot in lots of languages.
  • Participatory Journalism: I like the photos on David Gallagher's Lightningfield photo blog today, and also like the feature he set up to get people's opinions of photo phones, using
  • North Florida town of Waldo is still a speed trap(!) This has been going on for years. This story from Gainesville Sun. (via Florida Blog)
  • Jules Witcover on Bob Donovan: tribute to a first class old-style journalist (LA Times Washington bureau head for many relation).
  • Nice commentary on Tim Porter's First Draft journalism blog about how copy editors deal with long names: Schwartzenegger becomes 'Actor' or worse, 'Arnold'. Porter also gives us The Copy Editor's Lament.


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