Sunday, August 10, 2003

Sunday paper:
The Miami Herald had some wonderful stories today, including one by Jennifer Babson on owning an island in the Keys, Ellie Brecher on medical help for Haiti and on travelers' identity problems, Jay Weaver on Cuban art forgeries, and more. But most impressive: Beth Reinhard and a team in The Herald's Broward bureau started a two-part series on problems of huge voter rolls in Miami-Dade and Broward counties with thousands of people who never vote. Fascinating followup to the 2000 election disaster, using voter roll databases and other databases to find people to tell them why they haven't voted.

Library directory:
Poynter's David Shedden points out the Libraries with journalism resources directory he maintains on the Poynter Website. Very nice, and pleased that David has added my Herald blog to the list. This blog is listed on his Journalism links page.

Blog rhythms:
I was intrigued this week to see several people linking to Salam Pax's photoblog, as if it were a new thing. It was mentioned on Boing Boing and went on from there. But the photos posted there are from mid-July, and I saw several postings linking to it when it started in early June or so. Interesting that these recent posters didn't notice it earlier. Goes to show yet again, what seems new may not always be....


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