Sunday, August 03, 2003

Weekend update: The weekly reference collection/research gleanings:
This week everyone must have been on vacation. Not many new links, and not much that'll remain a permanently useful reference source. Of course this Saturday update gets shorter as I've been adding more daily to this blog. And to the Herald blog, which gets a few of the things I might have posted here previously.

The useful links....

  • Moving Here tells the story of 200 years of immigration to Britain through records, photos, etc. from the national archive, in a huge searchable database. BBC story.
  • American Women a guide to women's studies from Library of Congress.
  • American Rhetoric: a database of greatest American speeches, including video and audio archive. Most popular movie speech: Mel Gibson as William Wallace's speech on Freedom, in Braveheart.
  • Physician's Guide to Assessing Older Drivers from the AMA.
  • Ascribe Alerts sign up to get news of academic studies as soon as they're released.
  • Utah Digital Newspapers project: search several historical Utah papers online.
  • The top 100 newspaper archives a useful archive on best search services for consumers, in Searcher magazine. (NewsLibrary gets high marks.)
  • tools, fascinating news and information on junk mail.
  • Blogs have a place on news Web sites by Steve Outing, in E&P.
    Public Records:
  • New criminal records: Kansas Dept of Corrections KASPAR search (inmates); Kansas postrelease/supervision searches released inmates, probation.
    Governments, Politics, Florida, Business, People, Statistics: No links this week.
    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Bill Maher starts a blog.
  • Here's a fascinating investigative series: Badge of Dishonor, about cops' abuse of women/wives/girlfriends, in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
  • A Heavy Toll: how overfishing has changed the world's oceans; New York Times series.


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