Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I'm gone:
On vacation for the next week. Back on the 8th. When I get back I will try to deal with the nearly constant unavailability of my Web server at Earthlink (where the photos, toolbox, and Blog list are stored).
Meanwhile, some more links:
On news feeds:
  • CNN Email alerts sign up to get news.
  • So all these news services are still offering email news alerts, at a time when spam & worms are making email nearly useless? Steve Outing says It's time to switch to RSS delivery, in his E&P column.
  • Yahoo's doing it: Yahoo! News RSS feeds.

  • Chronicle of Higher Education Almanac Nice collection of facts & stats.

  • Finding experts from Mary Ellen Bates' Tip of the Month. (via Journolist.

  • How Everyday Things are Manufactured from Stanford's Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing. Has videos on over 40 products.


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