Wednesday, August 20, 2003

It's interesting going back to read the article I wrote for News Library News in July. I'd just given a talk at the SLA convention in New York on the topic, had gotten positive response from some news librarians and researchers. But many are still skeptical on the topic, which is partly why my lede read as it did. ("I'm a blogger. I almost hate to admit it, since the word 'blogger' seems to dredge up all sorts of uncomfortable images." Not sure I would write it that way again, although some days I do get really tired of the word...

Another thing I've become aware of since I wrote the article is that Radio Userland has categorization of posts built in to the software, and many of the Radio blogs I read do have category lists.

Also, since I wrote it, I have started a 'blog' on my newspaper's site. So add me to the list of official researcher blogs (that makes Leigh Montgomery and me, far as I can tell).
At any rate, a small step. And still a pretty new idea for news researchers.


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