Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Getting it right:
Gary Price welcomes linkers from an article referencing his site with an explanation. Amazing the power a blog gives you, to amplify what you've read elsewhere and set the record straight when it's not quite right.

Not much I can contribute to the diligent compilings going on out there in research land. Others are watching and compiling for those of us who are going to need resources on this storm. Among them, IRE staff, Al Tompkins and David Shedden from Poynter, Journalists Toolbox.

I'd add a couple of things, though. Papers struggling with hurricane coverage are going to want to know how other papers handled their tragedies, and lots will want to see the Miami Herald's coverage of Hurricane Andrew. Luckily, we compiled all the coverage in our 100th anniversary package last year. The stories submitted for the winning Public Service Pulitzer Prize that year are archived here.

For storm coverage, the Herald's weather site has a lot of hurricane information compiled, including preparedness tips. The Palm Beach Post's hurricane site is also well-regarded. The Sun-Sentinel put together an award-winning package on Andrew's 10th anniversary.

A couple sites I use regularly and usually don't see linked on other sites:
  • Tropical Storm Update, from U. of Miami's Rosensteil School. This is a simple page that loads quickly and just gives you the forecast tracks and satellite views. Very useful.
  • Atlantic Tropical Weather Center, from U. Colo, gives you all the advisories, satellite views, and other info that you could get from the National Hurricane Center if it's not overwhelmed with traffic.
  • Online Meteorology Guide: Hurricanes from U. Ill., has a Tropical Cyclone Tracker that shows you animated tracks of every tropical storm/hurricane since 1950. The track shows changes in intensity as well as lat/long, speed and pressure along the way.

    The Charlotte Observer is asking for photos from along the coast via email. A wise move.


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