Monday, September 15, 2003

New Century, part two:
Today, The Miami Herald has a page of links about the redesign changes debuting today, including a profile of designer Mario Garcia. This page also includes a couple of the features published yesterday in a special section I couldn't find online, including columns by Garcia, editor Tom Fiedler and publisher Alberto Ibarguen.
I find it fascinating that they've taken a new feature, 5 Minute Herald, a new news summary page anchored on the back of the local section, and made it a Web feature too. Seems to me the main Web page was always meant to be (but might not always succeed at being) a 5-minute newspaper. Or at least that's the way I think a newspaper Website should help readers find the news they want, fast.

Also in The Herald today, a fascinating investigative report by Dave Kidwell on city of Miami employees who take their city cars home. Many of them don't live in Miami, and several drive far, far away. The city pays for gas. Under the New Century rules, these stories are now called "Herald Watchdog" stories. Hmmm...


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