Friday, September 19, 2003

Reports from the Front:
I've posted some links to Isabel bloggers on the Herald blog. And some other things.

And another thing: I remember watching houses floating down the Potomac, and Georgetown manholes spouting geysers. This was 1972, and due to a puny formerly-category-1-then-tropical- storm, Harrisburg was swamped, the governor's mansion filled with mud. A couple of my brothers spent several days mucking stinking trash out of buildings in the Ithaca area. Hurricane Agnes was the most damaging hurricane up to Andrew, and when I hear people here pooh-poohing Isabel because it was 'only a category 2', it drives me crazy. I don't think anyone in the DC area right now would say that. The link is to a NOAA site put together for Agnes' 30th anniversary last year, with links to other histories.


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