Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Random finds:
  • Candidate Camera David Hume Kennerly gives every California gubernatorial candidate a digital camera; results are posted to this site.
  • Fazzle new search engine searches Wisenut, Altavista, Teoma, Lycos, Yahoo, MSN, and Netscape. You can register (free) to get advanced search features, including a news search. There's a 'best of the Web' and 'all the Web' search, image and video searches. You can also bookmark or email search results. From a Palm Beach company. (via Tara Calashain)
  • Listamatic great tips for adding navigation to Web pages. (via Dan Gillmor)
  • Folklore and Mythology E-Texts: great place to track down a story by the Grimms or Andersen or Aesop. Lots more story sources here from around the world, among them a great collection of world origin myths, including the Raelian one....
  • William Greider: one of my favorite reporters.


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