Friday, June 27, 2003

When there's big news:
The local paper should go all out, and this Strom Thurmond obituary package in The State (Columbia, SC) gets rave reviews for its multimedia aspects, including a Strom blog.

Something new:
I'm trying out a new RSS reader/aggregator: Feed Demon. It's in beta now, til August, and so of course may have some bugs. Once it's released there will be a cost, but not yet determined. I went for it, though, simply because of the author: Nick Bradbury wrote HomeSite, the great HTML editing software that I use at work (it has since been absorbed into DreamWeaver). HomeSite is so intuitive that I figured this might be the RSS reader for me. So far, I love it! It has lots of preprogrammed channels, it's easy to add new ones, and you can set it up to view the Web page the posting comes from in a window. You can even have it display in 'newspaper' format (although I haven't figured this out yet):


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