Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Revolting developments:
Lots of concern in the library world: Links on the Supreme Court decision on library Internet filters from Shifted Librarian blog.

Concern in the journalism world about this: Nexis, Choicepoint sued for violating rights of Florida motorists. Journalists, who need to be crystal clear on identities when they write about people, need access to public records databases (like driver licenses) to avoid identification mistakes. This suit will even further muddy the privacy/rights waters.

Computer concerns: I've heard a lot about 'spyware' and 'scumware' and wasn't too concerned about it, but have been wondering for a few months why my home computer kept on running even when nobody was near it. Lately it was getting sluggish and out of memory. Didn't really know what to do about it but recently have seen blog posts (most recent: Mike Wendland) recommending using Ad-Aware, free software from LavaSoft. I downloaded and installed last weekend, and when I ran it, it found something like 170 suspicious files. After removal, the computer has been nearly back to normal. Except for a message when I shut down saying "RNAdmin is still running", did I really want to shut down? Solution: uninstall Real Audio. Now my computer acts like it should. Having similar problems? Can't hurt to try this....


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