Saturday, June 21, 2003

The weekly reference collection: research gleanings:
Although it seemed like a slow week, lots of useful sites/reports came available.
In blogging news, Sheila Lennon continues to use her blog to report the story behind the news. In her blog yesterday: Journalists, police, nurses, no longer eligible for overtime? Unless they make less than $22,000, that is. That's part of new proposed labor rules.
Have you heard about this anywhere else? I haven't.

The useful links....

  • from the Westchester (NY) county library, this is a browseable directory of Websites by topic ("just like a library"). For first-time Net users, pretty simple stuff.
  • Yacht Links giant directory of boating.
  • What do Wonderbra, bitch-slap, and skunk works have in common? They're among the new worlds added to Oxford English Dictionary recently....
  • Directory of Open Access Journals: looking for a story in an academic journal? Check here to see if it's available online for free.
  • SARS Geographic Information Systems from ESRI China.
  • Encyclopedia of Television from the Museum of Broadcast Communications. Great biographical and other info.
  • interested in history of New York's highways? It's all here, as well as a link to BostonRoads and PhillyRoads.
  • Hispanic Population of the U.S., 2002 latest Census report.
  • Juveniles in Court statistical report from Justice dept.
  • U.S. Trade and transportation trends, 2003 statistical report from BTS.
  • Top defense contractors, 2003 report from Washington Technology.
  • World demand for commercial aircraft, 2003, report from Boeing.
  • Uniform Crime Report, 2002; preliminary, from FBI.
  • Nation Master look up individual or comparative stats on any country in the world. Example: did you know three countries have more televisions per capita than the U.S.? And that two of them are islands? Answer here.
  • The Condition of Education 2003 annual report from Natl Center for Education Statistics.
  • Farm Labor statistics and information from USDA's Economic Research Service.
  • Pinch, Power, and the Paper media column in NY magazine.
  • New Nexis databases: Al Jazeera, from 1/03; Birmingham News (AL), 1/03; PC Magazine, 10/02; Philadelphia Mag, 1/02; Press Journal (Vero Beach, FL), 12/97; Stuttgarter Zeitung, 2/03.
  • Government Surveillance information on wiretapping, patriot act, lots more, from Center for Democracy and Technology.
  • The Clinton Top 100: Where are they now? Center for Public Integrity report on ex-admin staffers' new jobs.
    Public Records:
  • New Nexis databases: Public Records: Arizona and Nevada mortgages, Idaho tax assessor records.
  • PACER help: Nature of suit codes: need to know what a federal lawsuit is about and all you get is a code? Here's the explanation. More PACER help here.
  • New searches at Accurint: When you run a comprehensive report in Accurint, you now have a choice of running "supplemental searches" for $1 extra. This file includes: Merchant Vessels (All states)
    FAA Certifications (All states)
    Hunting & Fishing Permits (AK, Al, CT, DE, FL, GA, MS, MO, MT, ND, NV, NJ, NC, OH, OK, UT, VA and WI)
    Concealed Weapon Permits (AR, FL, LA and ND) AND
    Voter Registration Information (AK, AR, CO, CT, DE, DC, LA, MI, MA, NJ, NV, NY, NC, OH, OK, RI, TX, UT, and WI ).
  • See Florida.
  • Technorati keyword search find words in recent blog entries.
  • Seven Tricks that Web users don't know Do you?
  • FDLE criminal background searches: cost increases from $15 to $23 starting July 1. Also: Career offender search now available.
  • Forbes' Celebrity 100
    Business: See People, Statistics.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • On Bloggers and the Howell Raines resignation story in OJR with links to other stories/blogs.
  • NYT archives, Weblogs and RSS comments by Dave Winer on archive availability....
  • Deception and Democracy: the selling of the Iraq war long report in New Republic.
  • BookLab II lovely examples of bookbinding, illustrating.
  • Decorate Martha's Cell: contest entries, from Worth.
  • Cable Clock: keep this on your desktop.
  • Dali Gallery
  • Tinfoil: listen to ancient recordings, wax cylinders, etc.


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