Friday, June 20, 2003

Whole Earth Notes:
As someone who became an adult in the mid 1960s, my life was shaped in part by the Whole Earth Catalog. During the 1970s and 1980s I was a devotee of Co-Evolution Quarterly and later, the Whole Earth News, quarterly magazine successors to the Catalog. Whole Earth is still around at Been reminded of them lately by some nostalgia hits:
Today I found a link to Kevin Kelly's website, which contains a page called Recomendo. It's like a page out of the Catalog, with recommendations of great tools for living in blog format. Former editor and publisher of Whole Earth Magazine, Kelly is a founder and editor at large of Wired but remains involved with Whole Earth too.
And, at SLA last week, I got to hear Whole Earth founder Stewart Brand talk about projects he's interested in these days. He was the keynote speaker on Tuesday and discussed his Long Now Foundation and the 10,000 year clock they're building.
Another focus of Brand's interest is libraries. He's concerned that our history will be lost if we don't find a way to archive digital media, and cites a Library of Congress project at
A joint project of Kelly and Brand is also fascinating: The All Species Foundation is trying to document every species living on earth within the next 25 years. A worthy project.

In another big nostalgia burst, I found a new CD by Jesse Winchester (Live from Mountain Stage) today. I was playing one of his old albums last weekend and was wondering what'd happened to Jesse. Now I know. Had a chance to listen to a song or two and his voice sounds great. Last time I saw him live, he was playing Western Carolina U, not long after he was freed from his Canadian exile by Jimmy Carter's Vietnam amnesty. Must have been a hard slog for a boy from Mississippi:
"I don't have no heavy hip boots
I don't have no furry hat
I don't have no long-john underwear
No layer of protective fat
I'd take a plane right to sunny Spain
Oh, but I don't have the dough
But I'd build a bridge and I'd walk there
To get away from all that snow
Oh, I'd build a bridge and walk there
To get away from all that snow"
-- Jesse Winchester, 1971 album....


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