Friday, June 20, 2003

Christian Science Monitor finds it relied on forged documents for a story which implicated British mp George Galloway in Iraq dealings. Since the original story was a couple days after the Telegraph story, not sure if this was responsible for Galloway's resignation; in any case, this is a disturbing report.

A Metafilter post today recommends visiting the Historical Society of Southern Florida website for the interesting exhibits there....I've been checking the site last couple of days to see if they've posted anything on the Miami photographers exhibition that opened last night, but nothing yet. But there's stuff on the Everglades, Cuban music, Florida folklife, and more. Definitely worth a visit. (Puffer fish, from exhibit on Cuban flora and fauna)

The Boston Globe is working on a 7 part profile of John Kerry: John Kerry: Candidate in the making 6th part today...

Speaking of newspaper credibility, this story by Greg Palast on The Cynthia McKinney quote is worth reading: the GA congresswoman lost her job after reports she'd claimed Bush admin knew about Sept 11 beforehand; Palast investigates and can find no record of the quote despite NYT reporter's claims it existed.....


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