Thursday, June 26, 2003

Back again...
Yesterday my blog was switched to the new Blogger format, so was unavailable for editing most of the day. Back to normal now, though....
I was going to link to this Jimmy Breslin column, which today also appeared in The Herald. As of yesterday, only a couple blog mentions, so was glad to see my local paper picking it up. He raises disturbing questions (but then, he always has). Hope the threat to quit journalism is only rhetorical...

Also, was intrigued by this column by Steve Outing in E&P. He outlines some ways that newspapers can improve credibility by making clearer who's responsible for stories, including putting the email address of the editor on every story. I expect there'd be some resistance to this in newsrooms....but a valid approach, it seems to me.

Baseball news:
This was sent to me by Jim Meier, formerly of Sporting News:

Dressed to the Nines
This is part of a new online exhibit from the Baseball Hall of Fame. The rest of the exhibit is OK, but I wanted to focus on the Uniform Database. With permission, they have scanned Marc Okkonen's fantastic book, Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century, and made it accessible online. This book is one of my top 15 baseball reference books, both fun to look at for general readers and very useful for researchers, especially those trying to date old black and white photographs. It's not too easy to find in print anymore and needed an update. The scanned images online aren't quite as clear as what you would get if you had the book in your hands, but they are still pretty good.

King Kaufman on had a column on the exhibit. I found Kaufman by reading the Clutch Hits blog at Baseball Primer

I found Baseball Primer mentioned in a Time magazine story on their 50 favorite sites

I think I saw the Time link mentioned on someone else's blog, but can't backtrack it now. Amazing how one step leads to another.


Yes, Jim, it is amazing. I think you're ready to start your own blog! I had seen the baseball link on the Time 50 sites (found that through another blog, too...I think it was Al's Morning Meeting) and was going to add it on Saturday.....but hadn't noticed the Clutch Hits blog. This is a perfect example of how blogging helps us all to be more aware.


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