Saturday, June 28, 2003

Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • In the land of Guantanamo in NYT Sunday mag.
  • Baghdad Bulletin new English-language magazine covering reconstruction of Iraq.
  • Points South Poynter summer fellows, J-students, publish this blog with stories, news, St Pete-area guide, etc.
  • ...on obituaries!
  • Skipping Stones: a lovely story about a Cuban father and his son. Note this is on a Blog called Dean's World, by Dean Esmay. He writes about the news from Cuba weekly. He explains why here.
  • Phonecam blog: a new concept.
  • A New York Daily News photo intern is doing A photo blog of his experiences...
  • The Smoking Gun says this is the scariest mug shot ever. Yup.
  • The Buzzwords of Bob Graham in Slate.
  • Appropriate, after the commemoration at Wounded Knee: Black Elk Speaks, now available fulltext in HTML or PDF..." It was a good winter day when all this happened. The sun was shining. But after the soldiers marched away from their dirty work, a heavy snow began to fall. The wind came up in the night. There was a big blizzard, and it grew very cold. The snow drifted deep in the crooked gulch, and it was one long grave of butchered women and children and babies, who had never done any harm and were only trying to run away."
  • Video of GWBush's reaction to news of 9/11 attack (warning, it's 5 minutes of GWB listening to kids read. You can look at the stills.) From Memory Hole.
  • Scanned flowers: Wow!
  • Vatican Museums Online see the Sistine Chapel ceiling, more.
  • Victorian visions of the year 2000: moving sidewalks, televisions (sort of), personal flying machines, moving houses (entire blocks, on railroad tracks). But they thought we'd still be dressing the same....
  • New Joisey edition of Windows XP from J.D. Lasica.


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